Eyelash Extensions

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Natural Lash set~ $125 (about 60 lashes per eye)

Youthful and fresh, our full set of eyelash extensions gives you flirty fun eyelashes using 60-70 eyelashes per eye, get ready to bat those big beautiful eyelashes with a natural gorgeous everyone look that will notice, but they won’t know they’re not yours, it can be your little secret….we won’t tell!

D’Lux Diva set  ~ $250 mixture of minks and synthetic lashes of different thicknesses to create Glamorous Volumous look!
An all out knock your socks off set of eyelash extensions. the diva set of eyelash extensions will take your eyelashes to the extreme using 100+ eyelash extensions per eye all eyes will be on you, all of the time. It’s your moment to shine….so go ahead, let your inner diva out!!

Full Mink or Silk lash set~ $350 (most luxurious lash)

The shiniest, softest, plush looking lash set. You will look like you just stepped off the red carpet with these celeb style lashes that give you the full fluffy look your lashes are craving!! Most Loved lashes by Kim Kardasian and J Lo…so now you don’t have to be celeb to look like one

*other specialty lashes available~ colored minks, glitter lashes, and crystals

Pricing for fills for the classic lash sets

*If coming to us for a fill for the first time from a different place we need to see your
lashes before we give a price, as every lash tech’s work is different you may need more
lashes or your set may need to be removed if they the lashes were applied incorrectly.

2 week fill $50
3 week fill $60
4 week fill $80
(anything after 4 weeks will be considered a new set)

Cry Baby~
Single application~ $100
3 applications~ $225
4 applications~ $300 (best value)

We are pleased to announce we are the FIRST and ONLY salon in RI to offer Volume Lashes!

Dayna has traveled to the ends of the earth to train with the originators of the Volume lashing technique.

The new Volume Lashing technique allows us to apply multiple lashes to one natural lash. We use ultra thin light mink and silk lash extensions to achieve GLAMOROUS volume, while keeping your natural lashes strong and healthy!

Great for all clients from clients with weak-thin lashes to clients with strong healthy lashes.


* add volume and length to your natural lashes
* gain 150-500 lash extensions per eye
* visit less often for maintenance with mire lashes to spare between fills


Double Volume | 2D- $300

Simply double your lashes and gain up to 150 VOLUME lash extensions per eye
2 hours

Triple Volume | 3D – $350

Triple your lashes and gain up to 250 VOLUME lash extensions per eye
3 hours